What is week 0?

If you are a new member and have subscribed to my online fitness program, you will receive free access to my platform for 7 days. You will be brought to an introductory week, which I like to call week 0 that will provide a selection of the different training methods used throughout my fitness program.
If you are subscribed to my Diamond Planm you will receive access to the nutritionist’s questionnaire after the first payment is processed at the end of week 0.

Is there an age requirement to subscribe?

Before starting any new fitness and/or nutrition program, you should consult your healthcare professional. My fitness program is recommended for women aged 18-50 years of age. If you do not fall within this age range, in addition to consulting your healthcare professional, please make sure to always listen to your body, follow your own pace and make the necessary modifications needed to suit your capabilities. In addition, if you are younger than 18 years old, please make sure to obtain your parents’ or legal guardian’s approval before subscribing.

What fitness level is your online fitness program designed for?

My program is designed for any fitness level and is built upon the principle of progressive overload. As weeks go by, and you get stronger, the intensity of the workouts will increase.

Can I subscribe to your fitness program if I am experiencing an injury and/or a medical condition?

My online fitness program is not suitable for individuals experiencing an injury or any other health concerns and medical conditions that can be aggravated by physical exercises. As usual, please consult your healthcare professional and begin a new fitness and/or nutrition program only if you have received clearance from your healthcare professional.

Is your online fitness program suitable for pregnant women?

While I am a pre-natal and post-natal fitness specialist, this specific online fitness program is not suitable for pregnant women. If you were active before becoming pregnant, I recommend you work with a personal trainer under direct supervision of your healthcare professional and follow their recommendations to ensure your workouts are safe for you and your baby.

Is your online fitness program suitable for men?

While my online fitness program is designed specifically for women, men can surely participate. My only recommendation for men is to consult a healthcare professional to ensure they are following a proper diet plan.