Stories From The Gym

Itsdesifit Testimonials CHIARA S.

“If I could describe this beautiful human being in 3 words it would have to be: Kind, Resilient, and Passionate. Her kindness is obvious from the moment you meet her! She has the most welcoming smile and you feel like you’ve finally met someone who is genuinely interested in you and your well-being. She is resilient because she had a moment in life that brought her to a low point, but she used that experience to learn and empower her. She learned to make herself stronger, not only physically but emotionally and mentally! And lastly she is Passionate about everything she sets her mind to. She has found fitness as her next passion and it is clear that improving the human body, to help us become a stronger, healthier version of ourselves, is what drives her in becoming THE itsDesifit! I was lucky enough to see her grow into this and am even luckier to be trained by her! I am stronger, happier and healthier, and I recommend her 100%!”

“Désirée is such an inspiration! She sets goals and works hard to achieve them; that’s what everyone should want in a personal trainer. I have had the opportunity to be trained by her and, although she KICKS MY BUTT, I always feel energized and excited for the next session! She is definitely someone worth meeting!”
Itsdesifit Testimonials Giulia A

“I discovered Désirée via Instagram before she became a Personal Trainer and I immediately felt strongly attracted to her energy! Perhaps it was her smile, her positivity and good humor or her commitment to wanting to awaken the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle in each of us, she was able to transmit her passions to me with ease. To live a balanced life through a combination of physical activity and good nutrition. I am honored that she is my PT and even though we live on opposite sides of the world, she is always there for me, ready to clarify my doubts, to support me and often to give me that extra motivation I need, as if she was a friend helping me in a moment of need. I am proud of her YouTube channel and her ItsDesiFit Community! Get to know her and get closer to her world. It will be the best choice you make for yourself. Guaranteed!”

Itesdesifit - Testimonial Irene B

When I met Desi, I was looking for a person who could follow me in training to achieve the physical goals to which I aspired so much, but in reality, it turned out to be much more than that.
Desi has really taken me to heart and has always given the best of herself to help me in every aspect, she has always met my needs by putting my well-being first.
She is a great source of inspiration and an incredible force of nature that encourages you to always give your best! What I appreciate the most about Desi is her determination to constantly expand her knowledge, a truly contagious quality that unexpectedly led me to do the same. Her immense willingness to want to support others in any possible way makes her a super positive person that everyone would be grateful to have around.
Thanks to her I was able to progress physically more and more, but what matters most is that today I have a healthier approach to training and nutrition, I have achieved the balance and the confidence that before her were missing. I can never thank her enough; she changed my life!